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Logan USD 326


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Junior High Volleyball 2020 Summary

The Logan Trojan Junior High volleyball team has had a really good season!  The coaches are amazing.  They played well and they all work great together.  They lacked energy on the court though.  That brought them down quite a bit.  They moved their feet quite a bit as well.  There were some good hits too.

        Jolie Kuhn, an 8th grade volleyball player, said “ I was really proud of all the games, but disappointed that the season had to end. ” Lylah Voss , a 7th grade volleyball player, said “ We had some highs and some lows.” Trinity Couse, a 7th grade volleyball player, said “It was awesome, and the best season ever!” Coach Dani, quotes “Our team fought to grow and play hard during the season when the state of the world was a little scary and uncertain.  Volleyball is a sport requiring lots of effort and tons of spirit, and our best leaders stepped up to give us great examples of both. I am extremely proud of the outcome of our season, as well as the potential of our athletes!”

        They had really good games and played hard.  They looked happy on the court, and set the ball up.  The games were really fun to watch.  Their serves were good and strong.  The tournament were fun games to watch as well.  They played hard and kept their heads up when it got tough.  They are the champions of the east division. 

        They won the B team league against Northern Valley in Long Island on September 17th.  On A team, they had 18 points and the other team had 4 points.  The second set of the first game was harder, they got ahead of themselves and the other team stepped up.  They played against Northern Valley really well.  They took good care of the ball.


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