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Junior High Football 2020 Summary

The 20-2021 junior high football team started with their first game. They started the game really good. Towards the end of the 2nd quarter, Stockton started to pull away with the score.  They were down by 14 at half.  They just kept scoring and they couldn’t keep up.  They lost 56-88. Then they played Northern Valley.  Everyone was tackling at the ball.  The offense was scoring fast. They won 56-6. Ryan Prewo said about the game “I think we played well.  It felt good to 45 our rivals for the first time in a while.  Everyone came to the football to make a tackle.  We also have bragging rights now”. They played Hill City next.  They were not playing well.  Hill City had 32 points at halftime.  Their blocking was not the best.  They were getting a lot of tackles in the back field.  They lost 6-38.

They played Golden Plains after that.  They came out scoring in the first half.  Their defense was playing well.  They won 52-6.  They played Brewster next. Their offense and defense was played well.  They scored 44 points in the first quarter.  They beat them 64-6.  Kaden Graham said “I think the Brewster game was the funnest game our team ever played.  Our line played good and we had some big runs and passes.  The game was great”. They played Wheatland-Grinnell next.  It was their last game.  Their defense was playing good. They were tackling and making good plays.  Their offense was playing good.  They were running the ball and pushing the ball down the field. The final score was 64-38.  Rhett Kats said about the game, “We should’ve 45’ed them but we got off task.  The first 3 quarters were really good and our defense stood strong.  The offense had many long touchdowns by Thaddeus Towns thanks to the offensive line making great blocks”.

Overall they had a good season.  They finished 4-2 winning all league games.  Here is a summary about the season from Coach Waters.  “The season started off kind of rough.  We had our first game against Stockton.  It was a lot of offense and not a lot of defense. We ran out of gas in the second half and ended up on the short end in a 84-56 loss.  Northern Valley was the next opponent.  The boys really came out fired up because of the rivalry and dominated them 52-6 ending the game early due to the 45 rule.  The only downside of the contest was that we lost 8th grader Caleb Sparks to a knee injury.  He had just gotten back from a fractured wrist." The team finished 4-2 overall and 4-0 in the WKLL.

Article written by: Caleb Sparks and Mayson Vahling