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Lesson:  Letter Naming Fluency

Objective:  For students to be able to quickly and accurately name all uppercase and lowercase letters.

Lesson Plan: Davis Letter Mastery Exercise.  Students will construct letter with modeling clay.  After letter is constructed 3-dimensionally, students will go on a "letter hunt", identifying it by name every time it is located within the classroom. Students will practice writing by learning the proper way to form letter on dry erase tablets.  When finished, review all letters that have been constructed.

Additional activities:  Play letter matching/letter naming games.  Use iPad apps that give additional letter naming practice activities.

Parents:  Help reinforce your child's mastery of letters by practicing at home. Make letter flash cards and put in random order.  Have fun helping your child practice.  Establish rewards for meeting progress towards goals.  Post letters on the refrigerator that have been mastered.  Learning the letters in a child's name is a great way to learn the names of many letters.